All indoors areas.

  The main purpose is to anulate fire volumen between 10-14m3; to localise a fire and to allow approach to fire source

  Fire type A and B, fire under electrical voltage (does not cause a short circuit)

Product description and working principal:

  Product is consisted of RESIN bottle, fluid substance 500ml and plastical wall carrier

  It follows principes:  take it and throw.

The best results are obtained when the product is thrown in solid object or wall as to provoke fluid scattered above fire space.

RESIN bottle is made of a special plastic material, which breaks at a slightest blow,   specific for a glass.

It can be mixed with water with 10% of solution (5L-10L) if fire covers wide location (accessories).

  During   fire extinguisher the following effects appears: cooling,  choking, negative catalytic effect. It prevents secondary fire break. Fluid is safe for environment and human health. After activating, the remaining can be washed by water (hydrofoil liquid) and it is not chemical aggressive.


  It is installed at the Exit spots (by the exit door) of a room, corridors, steps…