mabo is an automatic fire extinguisher, which integrates the state-of-the-art technology and a special know-how, putting the fire out unmanned, by dispersion of a glass ampoule containing chemical solution

mabo is absolutely the most effective system that extinguishes a fire with a unique  formula of the solution contained in the ampoule of only 570cc - FLAMARK’s  patented technological breakthrough.


main features

* exceptional extinguishing efficiency

* instantaneous and total fire suppression

* prevents re-ignition of fire

* mabo is an ecological product, harmless for humans, animals and


* mabo solution non toxic, harmless

* ampoule – borosilicate glass, less than 1mm thick – fully dispersible

* basic use  in close and half-open spaces

  1. *instantaneously extinguishes initial fire - that is the most important in firefighting

* designed for class of fires

  1. 1.*A, B: 10-12 m³   (in close and half-open area) 

  2. 2.*B : Ø 110 cm of burning area energized electrical equipment (no short circuit effect)

  3. 3.*C (inflammable gases)                                      

* operating temperature range from -25° C do +70° C

*automatic extinguishing

- when fire breaks out the solution in the ampoule reacts to heat and at the its temperature of 84-85° C or 180° F the ampoule bursts open while a dispersed solution instantly extinguishing a fire.

* throwing the ampoule

- the ampoule should be thrown against a wall or an object enabling the liquid dispersion over the burning area to the greatest possible extent

- throwing method is much more effective than the automatic one in the initial fire stage.

* highly economic product

  1. *no side effects after activation and extinguishing

  2. *simple to mount (on a wall or a ceiling) within an easy reach of

     a possible source of fire

   * does not require any technical knowledge to mount and use

   * maintenance free

   * 10 years shelf life

   * fully replaces sprinklers at the 8- 10 times lower price

* small size and light weight

   * 64 x 278 x 61 mm - W model  980g ;

   * 88 x 308 x 39 mm - CW model 1025g

     275 x Ø 60 mm-ampoule;capacity 570cc 780g

* usage in:

* factories, electric generating plants, workshops, industrial process control rooms, power administration (oil transformers…), petrochemical facilities, (refineries, gasoline pumps…)

* telecommunication equipment and devices (mobile network, PTT, TV,  telephone exchange offices etc.)

* maritime industry and transportation

* passenger ships, yachts, tankers, ferry boats, other navigation

  means, (engine rooms, passenger cabins)

* airports, air planes, trains, transportation means…)

  1. *protection of business premises and houses, homes, hotels, 

  restaurants, warehouses (kitchens, heating plants…..)

* hospitals, schools, museums, libraries, archives, theatres,


* particular application fire-stations and brigades, police, army...

*agregat (motor)

*agregat (rezervoar)

*power transformer

*rack cabinet

*electrical cabinet

*oil transformer

*home kitchen (above the stove)

*professional kitchen (above the stove)

*city bus (above turbine)

*Police patrol boat (space distribution of fuel)

1. time 11:25:06

2. time 11:25:26

3. time 11:25:30

4. time 11:25:35

* mixing mabo solution with water

- results in over 25 times more effective mixture (1 ampoule to 8–10l of water) which repains its effectiveness for 10 days

- the mixture is also highly effective for extinguishing larger fires outdoors.

* extinguishing performance

  1. 1.* when extinguishing a fire there occur the following effects:

  2. 2.* cooling, suffocation, negative catalytic effect,

  3. 3.* evaporation control and fire retardant effect

  4. 4.* (prevention of re-ignition )

* industry